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Three Awesome & Diverse Culinary Experience at Velassaru Maldives

Discover splendor and tranquility atop this coral island in the sparkling waters of the Maldives, an enchanting tropical refuge by the name of Velassaru Maldives that crafts a most exceptional island experience for ardent travelers.


The elegant villas here are either structures with unmatched ocean views or thatched cottages that are warm, inviting, and ideal for cuddling up in. Villas with pools and those located on the captivating lagoon encircling the island are both excellent accommodations, making this island a top favorite for honeymooners and couples.


Two fabulous bars and an amazing selection of restaurants set the stage for you and your travel companions to have a most satisfying culinary experience at Velassaru Maldives:







This restaurant, which is perched on stilts on the island's shore, is a bustling scene. In front of the magnificent blue skies and oceans of the Maldives, chefs demonstrate their skills at a live cooking station. You will be astounded by the freshest cuisine, which comes in the form of seared salmon from flame-hot woks and tantalizing nibbles of sushi and sashimi.







A chic, vibrant interior invites you to an exciting buffet venue with arrays of different worldwide cuisines displayed at different cooking stations. Discover scrumptious new dishes, and try out the freshest local seafood to start off your day with an explosion of flavors.






In this tranquil yet secluded spot, find cover beneath tall, swaying palm trees. Sip on fresh fruit juices or mocktails for a cool, tropical experience as you relax and let the breeze run through your hair.

The resort also features two amazing bars that are great for connecting with other couples and travelers, or even just swinging by for a tasty martini and a good time. Fen Bar is a great spot to spend a tranquil afternoon in while enjoying Asian and European delights while lounging in beanbags or comfortable hammocks. Catch dazzling sunsets while enjoying wonderful tapas-style meals at Chill Bar, an overwater structure that is ideal for lounging in the sun and sipping chilled tropical drinks.