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InterContinental Maldives to Host Second Manta Retreat

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The InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort hosted the very first Manta Retreat in October 2022, giving their guests the wondrous chance to experience up-close encounters with these graceful giants, while learning about the science and education around them. In collaboration with the resort-based Manta Trust group, a precisely constructed program was created to visits in order to inform, explore and increase awareness about the beautiful manta rays in their natural habitat.


Adventurers, nature lovers, brave young spirits, and those looking to add more purpose into their dream vacation, the Manta Retreat is the perfect choice as it blends luxury with knowledge.


The InterContinental Maldives is already well-known for its incredible location, excellent for swimming and snorkeling with manta rays at any time of the year. In March 2023, the resort is launching their second Manta retreat, which—in addition to snorkeling with manta rays—also includes many insightful activities to educate all the participants thoroughly about these aquatic animals.


Along with numerous striking manta sightings, the Manta Retreat participants will also get to learn more about planktons, coral reefs, and especially marine conservation. Farah Hamdan, the new base leader of Manta Trust at Maamunagu, expressed her excitement about leading the retreat for the first time this year, and assisting their participants in satisfying their urge to swim with the adorable creatures.


The Manta Retreat will take place during the Maamunagau Manta Season, when baby manta rays are swimming around in the resort’s lagoon, just a few meters from the shore. The lagoon is a gathering spot for the young manta rays, and an active study site for the Manta Trust tea. According to Farah, many little manta rays congregate in the Maamunagau Lagoon, and it is a haven of research for them, in addition to the enormous number of mantas that inhabits Hanifaru Bay during the season; perfect to view and study.


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Mark your calendars, as the Manta Retreat will be taking place at the Intercontinental Maldives Maamunugau Resort from March 9th through 13th, 2023. The package consists of three manta ray snorkeling excursions, a house-reef night snorkeling excursion, a dolphine cruise at sunset, and a good number of lectures to gain more knowledge about manta rays, coral restoration, and other interesting subjects.


Guests may pay an additional charge to reserve separate bookings for cruises, excursions, spa ad wellness treatments, as well as dive and snorkeling tours. On request, a private one-on-one appointment with the Manta Biologist can be set up for you as well.


Get in touch with us at [email protected] to book your stay at InterContinental Resort!


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