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The James Turrell Skyspace: The Crowned Jewel of Patina Maldives

The newly opened Patina Maldives, the inaugural property of the new luxury lifestyle brand, Patina Hotels and Resort, is a luxurious resort like no other. This island, located on a 10-minute seaplane ride away from the airport, exudes the essence of utmost luxury and prestige, making this a contemporary architectural masterpiece fit for royalty. This radiant island that offers 90 modern Beach and Water Pool Villas alongside 20 Fari Studio Villas, immersifies themselves in providing a harmonious sanctuary filled to the brim with relaxing and energising stimulations that inspire good vibes. Providing diverse ways in embodying and expressing island life, the Earthy, rustic and warm intricacies incorporated within the architecture brings forth a unique and unforgettable vacation experience. 

patina maldives

This rustic charm emanating from the architectural masterpieces on this island is centred by Patina Maldives’ key piece, the James Turrell Skyspace. This luminous, sculptural innovation was brought forth by James Turrell, one of the most significant artists of the modern era. The Californian native artistic prodigy, focuses on atmospheric installations revolving around the sensual and spiritual perception of light. Like the artist’s several pieces, his work at Patina Maldives also incorporates soft compositions which enables depths of visual and emotional experiences amongst visitors.


Patina Skyspace

The Turrell Skyspace at Patina Maldives, a specifically proportioned chamber, with warm browns and relaxing oranges that dance along the tall lengths of the walls, radiating rustic and homely energy that gives you a warm hug as you walk through with a twist of princely-chic contemporary design. The highlight, an aperture in the ceiling open to the star of the show, the baby blue, golden-sun hued skies offers a quiet, contemplative space for guests to rejuvenate and appreciate the glory that mother nature has to provide. This spiritual captivator’s artistic beauty is emphasised during sunrise and sunsets when the skies’ palette of oranges, pinks and purples accentuate the tranquil atmosphere of the room.


JT Skyspace

 This Post-Modern piece of art, unlike ever before seen in the Maldives, gives visitors the opportunity to explore space and the light that inhabits it, having them form their own perceptions on the concept. The James Turrell Skyspace is the oxygen in Patina Maldives’ bloodstream, elevating the already magnificent island to new heights.