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Choose Ultra-Luxury at the beautiful Nautilus Maldives

CREDITS: Full Credits to Nautilus Blog: Looking for a luxury escape to the Maldives? Opt for Ultra-Luxury Instead


Soft sands, glittering coral reefs underneath the ocean’s surface; unending blue skies and warm tropical days make up the most blissful notions of luxurious Maldives getaways. Along with opulent villas and first-rate cuisine at an assortment of venues, all of these are all found in the beautiful island resort of Nautilus. While these attractions truly stand out, Nautilus Maldives believes there is a much higher bar for luxury, which is what they aim to set for their holidaymakers.


1 – Unconditional Freedom


At Nautilus island resort, find exhilarating space all around their shores, and find contentment in the miles of natural beauty all around you, giving you the freedom to relish your vacation in peace. The way the crew of Nautilus approaches hospitality is also infused with freedom; from the masterful chefs creating inventive cuisine that you can have at your own time, or thr array of free-spirited experiences such as impulsive adventures under the sea, spa treatments to leave you reinvigorated, as well as solitary movie nights on your very orn private sandbank cinemas. Relax and let go at every turn, to make the best out of your vacation.


2. Time to Escape the Clock


Exceptional moments last longer at The Nautilus, where time slows down for you. No schedules or closing times will hinder your stress-free escape, and you are urged to leave behind the worries of your daily routines behind so you can fully immerse yourself in the rejuvenating tropical getaway experience, where you can have your hand-picked adventures at your own pace.


Take naps in your luxurious villas designed to cocoon you in comfort, indulge in snacks whenever you want, catch beautiful sunrises while feasting on breakfast in bed and create lasting memories with your friends and family without the restraints of a schedule.


3. Timeless Romance in Total Freedom


Romance is always in the air at the timeless environment of Nautilus Resort, setting the stage to celebrate everlasting love and deepen connections through priceless, unforgettable memories.


A House Master, which is a devoted butler available around-the-clock, can fulfill all of your dream honeymoon fantasies, ranging from intricate villa decoration tailored to your personal taste, to planning fun, romantic outings and dinners at any time, to ensure the best getaway for you and your lover.


4. A Retreat to Quiet Privacy


Love flourishes in closeness. Additionally, privacy is a given at The Nautilus, making you feel like an island castaway. Our island, which has just 26 homes and residences, was designed and built with a natural sense of solitude and exclusivity. A true tropical hideaway, a residence is a private, expansive cocoon equipped with comforts and unique touches to make you feel at home—even while you're on vacation. You won't need to leave your paradise home thanks to the private infinity pool, large sun deck, breathtaking, unobstructed views, and opportunity to order in everything from fine dining to personalized spa services.


5. A Space to Call Your Own – and Yours Alone


One of the most elusive luxuries in modern life is now privacy, but you will find plenty of it in this little gem tucked away in the isles of Maldives. Miles of stunning ocean waters ripple between you and crowds, filled with amazing marine life, especially exceptional as Nautilus Island is located on Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve brimming with giant manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and more.


In addition to this, the island is ideal for secluded retreats as it only houses 26 villas and residences, bordered on the coastlines. The expansive large residences are private sanctuaries, crafted with a private infinity pool as well as ocean vistas that will blow you away.




6. A World of Your Own Making – At Your Call


From specially stocked private bars, customized services, and ideal pool temperatures, the island residences are meticulously crafted to tailor to your specific needs and wants. This is because luxury is about supreme comfort, a feeling of exotic intrigue that is blended with a sense of belonging, which Nautilus excels at providing.


A House Master service, a full butler service allocated to you, is the resort’s crowning achievement. You can utilize it whenever the mood strikes you. Long before you arrive, your House Master gets ready for your visit by compiling a custom list of once-in-a-lifetime activities to enjoy during your stay. These activities range from tailored programs for the little ones to breezy date nights for the adults while the kids are looked after by their qualified babysitters.




7. Barefoot, Bohemian Whimsy


Taking inspiration from the resort’s vision of liberating luxury, the entire resort and all its’ features are filled with a bohemian attitude of whimsy. This is a vision of luxury meant to be enjoyed by guests who love to live casually yet elegantly, without any societal constructs weighing you down.


Bohemian décor and contemporary outfits make up your island accommodations. Cutting-edge technology and unparalleled tropical paradise views are available right by you. With fun activities such as macramé creating, traditional Maldivian lacquer art, Boduberu music sessions plus drawing sessions, the resort crew is dedicated to bring out your creative side and add a touch of enchantment to these unique experiences.