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Roots and Helios at Patina Maldives Provides a Unique Take on Fine Dining

Luxury resort and luscious tropical escape Patina Maldives, located amongst a sea of crystal clear waters that meet the shores bustling with pure white sand, is one of the most outstanding locations that you would ever lay your eyes on. Highly renowned for its sensational architectural masterpieces and flawless originality in inventing their own touch to island life, this resort embodies contemporary artistic glory with a palette of calming Earthy tones and hints of vibrant textures that give the island a certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from the rest. This is also reflected in the formation of their dining experiences, each a unique journey for the senses. 




Handpicked collections and tailormade menus of the finest cuisine, each and every one of Patina’s 12 concepts represent a fresh perspective, where the most luxurious of ingredients take centre stage. This is the playbook that Roots, the signature dining experience at Patina Maldives, follows when curating the finest delicacies. Nestled amongst the luscious and vibrant emerald garden, this restaurant focuses on providing a fresh contemporary plant-based meal experience with a contemporary spin. The restaurant is inspired by slow food philosophies where pure, seasonal ingredients are of the utmost value, embracing nature in delivering the most exquisite dishes that nourish the soul, body and help in sustaining our planet’s beauty.


 This rustic environment with calming neutral tones, a light brown wood-chic and serene orange glows from the dreamy, tranquil lighting complemented by the views of  green from the garden, provides the most serendipitous dining experience. Their take on providing culinary masterpieces focuses on a conscientious life-style where in which plant-based delicacies are created responsibly for those seeking the most vibrant flavours and quality within nutritional meals. Roots advocates for conscious cuisine that focuses highly on green practices which in turn minimises food waste and plays a huge role in reducing their carbon footprint. Aside from the magnificent masterpieces available at this setting, it’s significant stance on environmentally friendly concepts is highly noble.



Similarly, Helios at Patina Maldives, an open-concept restaurant that sits by the awe-inspiring beach also takes a unique approach to fine dining. This restaurant which also embraces the brown, Earthy tones but with a more rustic and island-chic twist to its decor, giving an aura of the perfect night out amidst the beauty of the Greek Islands, it has an increasingly harmonious atmosphere for you to dine in. 



Inspired by Mediterranean cuisines formed with the help of the freshest ingredients, serving all types of hot and cold Mezes, casseroles and wonderfully exquisite desserts such as Kadayif, Incir, Baklava and more. This soulful Aegean kitchen will help you embrace family by celebrating kinship with the warmth and wholesome merriment that exudes around this incredible restaurant. And the best part? You will receive views of the sun painting the sky as it descends down and reflects off of the sapphire waters.


Patina Maldives truly provides you the most exceptional luxury dining experiences. Simply breathtaking.